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Kimono Art
Kimono Art
Kimono Art

Konnichiwa, welcome to my Atelier, my name is Miho Kanamori (金森美穂)

My family owned a Kimono shop in the early 1900's near Tokyo and I have lived with Kimono all my life.


I founded Wa-Dakara (Japanese Human Treasure) in 2014 with my partner Ken McKeen, our objective is to share the "Spirit of Japan" with as wide an audience as possible in an accessible and acceptable manner Wa-Dakara Kimono Art™.  My work focuses on the designs and motifs featured on the Kimono, which reflects the true spirit of Japan, seasons, nature, birds and items of good fortune, scenes and events and is said to Invoke emotion.

My work demonstrates the highest level of skill of the Artisans who created these beautiful works of Art. The Frames are Hand Crafted Custom Made by 3rd generation Japanese Artisans.  The system I developed illustrates the key design area of the Kimono and does so without dismantling, cutting or damaging the precious Kimono, the entire Kimono is thereby preserved in its original form. The unique combination of Kimono and Frame are of "Museum Quality".  See "Kimono-Terior" (畳み込み)

You can now appreciate and share the beauty of Kimono in an Artistic Presentation.    


In the Gallery / Shop section we offer a range of "Framed Originals" for you to acquire and to pass on for generations to come.


In the Digital Print & Products section we offer a range of "Spirit of Japan" digitised Art prints and other products. The "Custom Made" section we offer a personal service to make your Kimono into a beautiful work of Art using our system.

There is only one "Framed Original" per item available and each carries the Wa-Dakara™ registered seal and certificate of authenticity.


All Framed Original Items are made exclusively in Japan.

Please enjoy our "Japanese Human Treasure"

Miho Kanamori (金森美穂)

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