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Below are the main questions and answers we have treated, please send email to me via contact page, I will reply soonest.


Where are the items and materials made?


All Wa-Dakara items are made exclusively in Japan, Kimono are 100% Silk and Frames are Custom Made Hand Crafted and finished in Japanese Red Cherry Wood.  The "Tatami-Komi Kimono Art" System has patents pending.

How many Items are there?


There is only one item of each kind available, each one has been selected by me, is unique, and carries the Wa-Dakara registered seal and certificate of authenticity.

What are the sizes of items?


There are four main sizes including frame; Tomesode and Visiting Kimono are 110 x 95 x 5cm,  Mens are 79 x 68 x 5cm,  Haori are 75 x 63 x 5cm and Obi are 47 x 55 x 5cm. A "Custom made" service for your own Kimono is also available, please contact me to discuss.

Can I purchase withought frame?


Yes, please send me an email and I will give you quotation, specifications and instructions, Tatami-Komi needs special treatment for framing.

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