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Final Stitching

Embroidery "kyo-Nui" gives a three-dimention to the design, useing vivid silk thread, sometimes gold or silver of different thicknesses.


Design using gold or silver leaf or powder.

“Kimono Designing”


Kimono are made from a single length of cloth called “Tan-mono”  38cm wide x 12m long.

There are many designs for Kimono.  Here I will introduce “Tomesode”, traditional evening wear for married women.


This process is very important for decision on final workmanship and composition of Kimono. Sketched by hand with special ink on 100% silk cloth.



Polychromatic Dyeing (Yu-zen) prevents colour entering design. Extreme care is needed for this process.



Paste is applied by conical pipe with metal nib. This process prevents mixing of colour when dyeing.



This is the highlighting process and shows the personal sense and technique of craftman.



Cloth is steeped in tank with water to gently wash out paste.



As first step adsorption, a special liquid mix of soy and paste is applied to ensure uniformity of dyeing. The cloth is steamed after this process.



Treatment to soften cloth and take care of crease and sagging.

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