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Welcome to the "Wa-Dakara" Gallery of "Kimono Art"


Each item has been selected by me, is unique, and carries the Wa-Dakara registered seal and certificate of authenticity.


There is only one of each Item available and all are made exclusively in Japan.  Kimono are 100% silk and frames are custom made hand crafted finished in red cherry wood.


Choose from the Gallery menu above or below by type and click through for more details.



Should you wish to have your own Kimono made into Art we offer a service to do that, note our system does not damage or dismantle your precious Kimono, it will actually preserve and protect it from the environment.



Please enjoy our "Japanese Human Treasure"


Thank you for your visiting, Miho Kanamori (金森美穂)


Formal dress for married woman. Design meaning good luck and good fortune.


Obi Tan-mono is the sash for Kimono 4.5m x 34-6cm. Design depends on season and type of main Kimono.


Formal dress for single woman. Furisode has a double length sleeve for beautiful flowing motion.

Mens Kimono

Design of men’s Kimono is inside. You cannot see any drawing from outside. This is an ultimate secret fashion.


Beautiful design for seasonal formal wear.


Jacket for Kimono. Design depends on season and type of main Kimono.

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